Pulling Their Weight: The Data on NATO Responsibility Sharing

Report by Kathleen McInnis, Daniel Fata, Benjamin Jensen, and Jose M. Macias III

Background As the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) turns 75 this year, it is hardly surprising that burden sharing—the degree to which allies are financially shouldering the costs of collective security—is once again an issue at the forefront of Washington, D.C. policy discussions. For decades, the issue has hinged on the amount that allies are […]

Enhancing Defense and Innovation: NATO’s Path Forward

Listen here: https://podcasts.apple.com/en/podcast/enhancing-defense-and-innovation-natos-path-forward/id1727756801?i=1000645060950 In this riveting episode of Cosmic Top Secret, Professor Michael John Williams delves deep into the intricacies of NATO’s strategic evolution and its response to contemporary challenges with Dan Fata. With Fata’s extensive background in national security and defense, the conversation illuminates NATO’s journey towards increased defense spending, capability development, and the […]

Assessing the Vilnius Summit’s Decisions: An American Perspective

Photo source: Nuotraukos šaltinis: Sven Simon-The Presidential Office Ukraine

SUMMARY This summer’s Vilnius Summit took place during an interesting time for NATO as an organization and the transatlantic community writ large. The Summit was full of anticipation, hope, concern, and determination in the months and weeks leading up to its commencing. In the lead up to the Summit, leaders, experts, media, and parliamentarians were […]

Meet Daniel Fata, Primer’s New Advisor

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Dan Fata as our newest advisor. With a career spanning 25 years, Dan has held key leadership and advisory positions in both the public and private sectors. He has served as senior staff in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, offering his strategic guidance and […]

In a sudden reversal, Turkey agrees to back Sweden’s bid to join NATO

  NPR’s Michel Martin talks to public policy expert Daniel Fata, about Turkey backing Sweden’s NATO bid, and a potential deal to raise the alliance’s target for military spending.   TRANSCRIPT MICHEL MARTIN, HOST: In a sudden reversal at the NATO summit, Turkey has agreed to back Sweden’s bid to join the alliance. The decision […]

Strengthening Baltic Security: Next Steps for NATO

Photo: Lithuanian Armed Forces

Commentary by Mark F. Cancian , Sean Monaghan , and Daniel Fata NATO will hold a leaders’ summit in Vilnius, Lithuania, next month. In preparation for that summit, the CSIS International Security Program conducted a study on Baltic security. This commentary summarizes the results of that study. CSIS will publish the full report on July 6. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has […]

Demining Ukraine: An Urgent but Under-Resourced Priority

Photo: neznamov1984

Commentary by Daniel Fata For more than 16 months, the world has witnessed the suffering of the Ukrainian people as the Russian military has intensified their devastating invasion. The international community has seen the mass graves, the suffering from blackouts and power outages, and the flight of thousands who never thought they would be refugees. Yet […]

From Burden Sharing to Responsibility Sharing

Photo: Johanna Geron/AFP/Getty Images

The Issue In recent years, initiatives to improve NATO burden sharing—that is, the extent to which allies are sufficiently contributing to the common defense—have resulted in marginal defense spending increases. Yet publics and parliaments remain concerned that most allies are not spending 2 percent of their gross domestic products on defense. The political focus on […]

Envisioning a Multilayered Security Blanket for Ukraine

Envisioning a Multilayered Security Blanket for Ukraine

On February 24, news outlets reported on alleged conversations between White House national security advisor Jake Sullivan and experts about what possible security guarantees could entail for Ukraine. If reporting is accurate, the takeaway is that there is no definitive plan for what postwar security guarantees look like for Ukraine. In the absence of any […]